Brian Dawkins Is Over the Heartache

Former Eagles safety back for charity event

Brian Dawkins has looked past the pain of his Philly departure and the former Eagles safety says he might even be back here for good when his NFL days are done.

"We'll see," Dawkins told the The Express-Times. "Like I said, I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and I don't see that changing when I'm done."

Dawkins is back in the area today to host a charity event -- The Burn Prevention Classic -- at the Saucon Valley Country Club and says coming back doesn't evoke any bitterness at all. Dawkins didn't want to leave, but the Eagles made it clear they weren't putting up the money to keep.

“They opened my eyes right away that this was a business deal, that it wasn’t about being here…who I am to the team,” Dawkins said earlier this year.

Dawkins signed with the Denver Broncos. Now, with the perspective time and distance brings, ironically, Dawkins says the Eagles helped give him what he needed, mentally, to just move on. "The thing I learned growing up in Philadelphia is that no matter what it is, you go forward," said Dawkins.

He says a lot of his character as an athlete comes from his "upbringing" in Philadelphia.

"Philadelphia is where everything happened for me. When you have played for an organization and given all the things that you have given, there's a relationship formed there along the way. I've become close to many fans there, and there is a love for the city and a love for the team that will never leave. I definitely enjoyed my time in Philadelphia, and it toughened my skin."

And even though he'll be in a Broncos uniform, B-Dawk says he'll be rooting for the Birds, except for December 27 of course, when he comes back to the Linc to play against his old team.

"There were too many guys there that I played with, bled with, cheered with; too many coaches I played for. So as far as their season is concerned, that's just the way I feel." That's why we love this guy.

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