Beer For Baby Mommas

Local 44 celebrates motherhood on Mondays

Being a new mom can get lonesome – all your old "non-mom" friends have deserted you now that you have a permanent appendage that requires your complete attention and it's not like you can bring the thing with you to a bar without worrying someone will call CPS on you.

Local 44 feels your pain and believes that because you're now responsible for someone else's life, you deserve a Happy Hour all your own. Starting today, the West Philly beer joint kicks off its Monday "Baby Momma Happy Hour" from 1-3, giving moms in the 'hood an opportunity to mingle, kvetch and drink at a discount. There's no need to get a sitter because this special only applies if you bring your proof of motherhood with you (photos, videos and caesarian scars do not count). Mothers toting their little ones in Snuglis, pimped-out MacLarens or over their shoulder get $1 off their first draft beer. Like you needed another reason to celebrate motherhood!

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