Batman Phanatic and the King of Cool Battle at CBP

The Phillie Phanatic's got more guts than you.

The Galapagos-born Phanatic, a.k.a. the best mascot ever, must possess some gusto -- he donned a Batman costume and taunted the captain of cool -- Jack Nicholson at Monday's Phillies game.

You could never do that. You’d just stand there awestruck that Jack was even in the same building as you, like the 45,000-plus Phillies fans did last night. (The guy was wearing a Yankees hat for Pete’s sake, and barely a boo was muttered.)

But not the Phanatic. Not only did he come dressed to do battle with the former Joker, the Phanatic even threw some of his famous hexing at Jack. 

Jack was not about to be outdone, however. He threw out some of his own hexing in the Phanatic’s direction. Let’s hope that Jack’s hex doesn’t trip up the Phillies nine-game winning streak.

Check out the clash of the two titans, courtesy of The

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