Andy Reid Eagles Cardinals Press Conference On the Difference with Donovan

Head Coach Andy Reid Press Conference

The Difference with Donovan:
"It all starts up front and the pressure that you can put on the quarterback. We learned yesterday that it’s not all about sacks but just having somebody around him or in his face makes any quarterback in this league a different thrower and a little bit less accurate, and you’re talking about one of the most accurate quarterbacks that’s ever played the game."

"Offensively, again, it starts with the offensive line and then obviously it goes to the quarterback, and I just thought [QB] Donovan [McNabb] played an outstanding game. With the things that he went through this past week and in the Ravens game and even in the Cincinnati game, he just showed again what makes him such a great quarterback."

"Under the toughest conditions he always seems to step up and he did that in a big way."

Other Press Conference Comments:

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