All I Want For Christmas Is Warmth

Anyone looking for a white Christmas will have to set their hopes on next year.

Today is another cold day, but temperatures will increase as the days go by.

Sunshine will help warm the temperatures up just above the freezing mark today with a few high clouds late.

Also the wind that we saw yesterday has calmed.

Today's High: 34

Tonight It will not get any colder than Monday afternoon in fact it may warm up a few degrees by Wednesday morning. 

Clouds will increase and there may be an isolated area of snow or sleet well north and west of the city. 

Winter weather advisories are in effect for central PA for that reason.

The overnight Low: 34

On Christmas Eve a big warmup with highs above 50 degrees.

After a period of rain in the morning a few showers will move through Wednesday afternoon. 

These showers could be heavy at times and will be followed by cooler air.

Wednesday's High: 52 with rain showers.

For Christmas Day and the day after it will be cooler with more sunshine and a slight breeze. 

Temperatures will remain in the 40s.

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