Who Would You Share a Cup With?

50 Philadelphians answered that same question in a recent project

If you could sit down for a cup of coffee with anyone, who would it be?

That's what 50 Philadelphians were asked as part of the "50 People 1 Question" project by area-based MilkBoy Communications.

After many "hms" and "ums," some funny, surprising and even sentimental answers were given.

"Well I don't want to sit with dead people, I'm out on that," quipped one man while others pondered whether to choose someone dead or alive.

Deciding it was OK to choose a deceased coffee mate, one man chose a very important spiritual figure.

"I would like to know how Ghandi did it, maybe we might be able to do that today somehow."

Many people gave answers choosing idols such as Meryl Streep and Madonna, but then the project took a personal turn receiving answers of those dearest to them including deceased family members and even faraway friends.

"I would say probably my best friend in Texas. We haven't seen each other for like months and months and months. Lately I've just been kind of feeling like life is just so, so busy. You don't get to spend the time with people that you love. Life is short, spend it with people you love," said one woman.

The most popular answer? President Barack Obama.

The video is the latest installment in the "50 People 1 Question" project originally created in New Orleans by Benjamin Reece and Nathan Heleine.

The Milkboy brand is a Philadelphia-based company that includes two coffee shops with live music, a recording studio and a communications company with more projects in the works.

You've heard from everyone else -- so who would you want to have a cup of coffee with?

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