Extra Reward Money for Cop Shooters on Hold

Philadelphia's Fraternal Order of Police planned to kick in $10,000 Monday to help catch and convict the men accused of wounding a Officer Martin Campbell and killing his longtime friend, Rasheen Allen.

But, due to scheduling conflicts with an official announcement the extra award money was put on hold, according to the FOP.

The delay seemed to have nothing to do with any breaks in the case. There were no new developments with the investigation as of Monday afternoon, said Philadelphia Police Public Affairs.

Should the $10K be added, the total reward amount would jump to $25,000. The National Police Defense Foundation put up $10,000 over the weekend and the U.S. Marshals Office posted the original $5,000 reward.

Campbell, 23, was off-duty Wednesday night, walking down Marshall Street where he and Allen grew up, when two men tried to rob them, according to police.

Allen was shot in the head and died at the scene. Campbell was shot in the leg. Doctors had to operate because the bullet hit a major artery. Campbell was in serious condition at Temple University Hospital.

Shortly after the shootings, police thought they had the two men involved. They'd stopped two teens -- and shot and wounded one of them who police say refused to drop his weapon -- but said the next day those teens were not connected to the double shooting.

Anyone with information on the case can call homicide detectives at 215-868-3334.

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