76ers Hope to Stimulate Attendance With $10 Tickets

10 bucks to see the Bucks, 9 other games

Sixers fans pay good money to get into a game but that cost is about to come down.

The Sixers are mired in mediocrity in the standings and have an even bigger problem when it comes to attendance.

Through their first four games only two teams have drawn worse total attendance than the Sixers 12,601. Even more disturbing for ownership has to the be the league-low 61.6 percent capacity they are bringing into the Wachovia Center.

To combat empty seats at the Wachovia Center they have come up with a plan -- a way to boost sagging attendance and to help fans get into the stands in these tough financial times.

The Sixers have teamed up with KFC and Taco Bell to offer 2,000 $10 tickets for all the November and December games. 10 bucks is all it will take to get into a game against the Bucks or 9 other teams.

Fans wanting to get in on the cheap seats can go to Sixers.com, call 1-800-298-4200 or go to select Acme Markets to grab the limited $10 mezzanine tickets.

Starting December 1 coupons will also be available at KFC and Taco Bell locations.

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