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How to Persevere When Finding a Job is Tough

A number of NBC10 Responds viewers are reaching out to us expressing frustration over their unemployment situation. We hear you, and we’re tracking down strategies to help you find work

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West Philadelphia resident Charlene McDaniel was a licensed life and health insurance agent, but she took five years off to care full-time for her father.

After he passed away in March, she started looking for a job. And that's been "really frustrating," she said.

Now, she schedules her days around searching job websites and sending resumes.

“I’m getting job offers, but they’re either between minimum wage and $12, or I’ll get a ‘Thank you but you’re over-qualified,’” McDaniel said.

Are there any secrets to landing that job? Persevering is one. Nanette Carney of recruiting agency The Carney Group reminded job-seekers, “Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.”

Carney has been in the recruiting business for nearly 30 years. She says these days a social media presence, specifically LinkedIn, is a must.

“It doesn’t matter or at what level or how old you are, have a presence and stay linked and grow your presence out there,” Carney said.

Carney's company is helping McDaniel with LinkedIn improvements and her resume.

Another option for job seekers: free workforce development programs from state agencies. They can help with anything from preparing a LinkedIn profile to on-the-job training programs.

Organizations such as the Urban League of Philadelphia offer similar programs. According to Aundrea Custis, the President and CEO of the Urban League, people should remain open to opportunities. That may include different types of work that what you’re used to.

“Sometimes you might want to go into training," Custis said. "Look at some of the certifications for those folks who want to be in welding, truck driver."

So what shouldn’t you do when searching for a job? According to experts the biggest mistakes they see include typos or incorrect dates on a resume, knowing little about the company during an interview and answering your phone during an interview.

Here are some useful resources for job seekers:

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