New Jersey

Young Girl Receives Special Furry Delivery for Christmas

SCPA volunteers played Santa’s helpers when they made one little South Jersey girl’s Christmas wish come true.

The Cumberland County SPCA delivered a 3-month-old pit bull to Gia Creaturo, who had asked for a puppy this Christmas when her dog of 10 years passed away two months ago.

Gia had written a letter to Santa asking for a dog, and the SPCA was happy to assist in fulfilling her wish by giving her a puppy named Lucy.

Before the sun came up, SPCA volunteers delivered the light-brown pit bull to Gia’s house in Vineland Christmas morning.

Donning red pajamas and candy-cane antlers, Gia’s mouth dropped open and she embraced the new puppy, sporting a Santa suit, with excitement.

“I was really surprised and really happy. And I couldn’t believe that I got my puppy,” Gia proclaimed.

When Gia’s dog, Prince, passed away of old age, her mother, Toni recalled how attached they were to each other.

“Their reunion when she would come home from months in the hospital would be priceless. Their love for each other was unbelievable and when she lost him, I think she lost a little piece of her heart. So I knew that she needed this,” Toni said.

Gia wasn’t the only one that got a furry gift this Christmas, the SPCA also bought along Lucy’s sibling, Lioness, as a present for Toni.

“It just broke my heart because they were brother and sister and I was worried about what would happen to him,” Toni said. “Now Lucky and Lioness are where they are meant to be.” 

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