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Bill Clinton To Appear In “The Hangover 2”

He's appearing as himself



    Bill Clinton To Appear In “The Hangover 2”
    President Bill Clinton

    Following in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan, former President Bill Clinton put on his acting shoes for a cameo in “The Hangover 2.”

    Clinton shot his character part in Bangkok on Saturday, where he talks about clean energy, according to People magazine. That part would have been a snap for Clinton’s former right hand man, former Vice President Al Gore. Gore took home two Oscars for his 2006 environmental documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”

    The first film boasted a now famous cameo from former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Mel Gibson was also slated to appear in the Todd Phillips directed flick, but he was scrapped amid reported tension from the cast and crew. Liam Neeson stepped in as a repllacement and shot the scenes earlier this month.

    Gibson was reportdly furious that his cameo coeback was nixed, but he doesn't blame old buddy Neeson for getting the role, Neeson said in a recent interview.

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