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Challenger Ousts Convicted State Auditor in Delaware Primary

Lydia York both outraised and outspent Kathy McGuiness in the campaign

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Embattled Delaware state auditor Kathy McGuiness, who is awaiting sentencing on criminal charges, was defeated by political newcomer Lydia York in Tuesday’s Democratic primary contest.

York is an attorney who had been endorsed by the state Democratic party. She will now face Republican Janice Lorrah, also a political newcomer, in November.

York was one of three Delaware Democratic presidential electors in 2016. She both outraised and outspent McGuiness in the campaign.

McGuiness is the first statewide elected official in Delaware to be convicted of criminal charges while in office, which stem from the hiring of McGuiness’s daughter in her office.

Superior Court Judge William Carpenter Jr. last month upheld two convictions against McGuiness for official misconduct and conflict of interest, but tossed a jury’s third misdemeanor conviction for improperly structuring contract payments to a consulting firm.

The judge rejected McGuiness’ request for a new trial. Carpenter is expected to schedule a sentencing date on the charges, each of which carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison but a presumptive sentence of probation.

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