"Sister Wives" To Offer One Dude's Reality with Three Wives and One Fiance - NBC 10 Philadelphia
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"Sister Wives" To Offer One Dude's Reality with Three Wives and One Fiance



    You really don't need a lot more information about a program like TLC's "Sister Wives."  It's about a guy who is married to three wives and they are making room for a fourth.

    That's it. I'm in. You had me at polygamy.

    "Sister Wives" will show the inside of the "rarely seen world of plural family familiars" (that's polygamy to most people) as Kody Brown and his three wives  make way for yet another wife, according to a TLC press release. And yes to the question you're no doubt thinking: it takes place in Utah.

    The release came out with some first-look images of the growing family which features baseball card-like stats on each of the sister-contenders

    * Meri (first wife): 39 years old, married 20 years and has one daughter named Mariah 14. 

    *Janelle (second wife): 40 years old, married 17 years and has six children – Logan, 15; Madison 14; Hunter, 13; Garrison, 11; Gabriel, 8 and Savanah, 5. 

    *Christine (third wife): 37 years old, married 16 years and has five children with one on the way – Aspyn, 14; Mykelti, 13; Paedon, 11; Gwenelyn, 8; Ysabel, 6 and Truely. 

    *Robyn: 31-years old, soon to be fourth wife with three children from another husband – Dayton, 10; Aurora, 7 and Breanna, 5.

    This brings a grand total of 13 combined kids to the family. Family dinner alone is going to be most people's Thanksgiving meal. Controversy will come aplenty. But I'd like to think if this guy can make room for one more wife, can't I find room on my DVR for Kody?

    We've seen the drama on "Big Love." Now TLC will bring the reality even if our Kody is definitely no Bill Paxton (though he is charming in his own goofy, lovable four-times married kind of way).

    Naturally, the show will deal with the "intense dynamics" of the new wife situation. And will hopefully address some of the burning questions that come up -- such as the assertion that Kody is trying to keep his lifestyle secret from the world. The secrecy aspect is pretty much out the window at this point.

    But these are just details. Key terms to remember: polygamy, four wives, reality show.