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Tonight on TV: Catch Maria on "Mad Fashion"



    If you’ve been watching Bravo’s "Mad Fashion," you already know that Chris March has had a lot of tricks up his sleeves, turning out the most extravagant and inspired fashion week after week with high-profile clients at the brink of dramatic outburst. But tonight, this "Project Runway" alum has two challenging clients approaching that "1st Look" is especially excited about...

    Our very own Maria Sansone will walk the runway, but this isn’t your average catwalk. Maria’s pup, Ralphie, will be adding to this fashion challenge for an event with Paws for Style, in support of the Humane Society. Watch tonight as Chris brings a dog to heels and transforms Maria into a 50s housewife for a show not to be missed! Every dog has his day!

    "Mad Fashion" airs Tuesdays at 10pm on Bravo!