Holiday Memories We’ll Never Forget

From buckets of ashes to intolerable itches, these are the moments that shaped our Holidays and our character. Warning to parents: We do talk about our "Santa" memories, which you might not want the kids to hear about.

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Tim Lake
Tim Lake, 1966.
From buckets of ashes to intolerable itches, these are the moments that shaped our Holidays and our character. From the NBC Philadelphia family to you and yours, "Happy Holidays!" Oh, and fair warning: We do talk about a few "Santa" memories that you probably don't want the kids to see!n

Tim Lake
Tim Lake
NBC10 Anchor
" snowed very hard that season and my only concern in life at the age of six..."
Tim Lake
"...was that I still did not have my own pair of boots!" read more
You can follow Tim on Twitter @TimLakeNBC10 or fan him on Facebook.
NBC Philadelphia
Tim Furlong
NBC10 Reporter and Nonstop Foodies Anchor
"It remains one of my coolest childhood memories, and I love that I share it with my brother." read more
You can follow Tim on Twitter @tfurlong.
Letizia Rubino
Integrated Sales Marketing Manager
"My entire vacation changed and got ruined, in a way. HOWEVER, I managed to make the impossible happen..." read more
Kelly Bayliss
Kelly Bayliss
Digital Content Producer
"It’s been almost 20 years since my most memorable Christmas, and I still remember it like it was yesterday..." read more
Sara Reedy Parker
Dave Parker
Assistant News Director pictured with his three kids.
"My Christmas memories are not about that special gift, really big snowfall or someone paying a surprise visit..." read more
Stacey Stauffer
Stacey Stauffer
NBC10 Lehigh Valley/Berks County Reporter
" grandmother Ninny, rest her soul, suddenly squawks back, 'Quiet!'..." read more
Joan Erle
Joan Erle
NBC10 Director of Market Research
"My Dad used to go out on the lawn after we went to bed..."
Joan Erle
" hopes of convincing his six kids..." read more
Fred Cilurso
Fred Cilurso
NBC10 Assignments Editor
"We just stood there, maybe for only 20 minutes, admiring the beauty and peacefulness..." read more
Justin Pizzi
Justin Pizzi
NBC10 Reporter
One year our Christmas tree was wrapped in poison oak. Luckily, I was not involved in bringing it in the house and putting it in the stand. But my dad and my second brother, Gabe, spent the holiday in bed with horrible, itchy blotches all over their bodies.
nYou can follow Pizzi on Facebook and Twitter @10pizzi
Lauren Bacigalupi
Lauren Bacigalupi
VP NBC10 Promotion, Programming, Press
n"I opened the door and sitting there was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen..." read more
Pete Kane
Pete Kane
NBC10 Photojournalist
"My sisters had the bright idea of us sleeping with all of our clothes on -- even our boots -- and getting up to look for Santa..." read more
Facebook/Kevin Hungate
Kevin Hungate
VP of Sales, NBC Local Media-Philadelphia
"I was always so amazed that Santa actually came -- and to see the 'proof'..." read more
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