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Rutgers' Little Yellow Submarine That Could

A little sub made a big trip



    Rutgers University
    A little sub that made a big trip

    A little yellow submarine from Jersey crossed the sea to make a historic trip.

    A mini submarine launched by Rutgers University back in April finally crossed the Atlantic Ocean and arrived in Spain last week after an amazing journey.

    Rutger's Submarine Crossed the Atlantic

    [PHI] Rutger's Submarine Crossed the Atlantic
    A mini submarine from Rutgers University crossed the Atlantic Ocean and is now in Spain. "Scarlett" launched from Tuckerton, NJ in April.
    (Published Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009)

    "The bear is in the igloo,” as the college kids who worked on the project would say. The code phrase describes the safe arrival of RU-27, codename “Scarlett Knight,” in Spain.

    At 04:04 a.m. the data-collecting underwater robot was fished out of the water by the ship “The Investigador."

    Scarlett is the first mini sub to make it to Europe -- several others tried but were lost at sea.

    Since it’s deployment from Tuckerton, N.J. the unmanned sub spent 221 days in the water and “swam” about 4600 miles.

    The whole adventure was documented by Rutgers’ Writers House. A trailer for their upcoming documentary can be seen on their Web site.

    Photos of the journey can be found on the project’s flickr page and on their blog.