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Cash Register, Grave Marker, Scooter, Fridge Among Beach Trash

Plastics top annual NJ beach sweep

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    Clean Ocean Action says twice as much lumber was found in the 325,000 pieces of debris during a beach sweep compared to what they are used to. (Published Friday, April 18, 2014)

    Environmentalists say plastics led the debris picked up during New Jersey's annual beach sweep.

    Clean Ocean Action says volunteers removed over 325,000 pieces of debris last year from the tip of Cape May to the Raritan Bay shore.

    Plastics, including foam, represented nearly 76 percent of the total waste found.

    But volunteers also collected offbeat items including a hospital bed, grave marker, metal scooter, refrigerator and a cash register drawer.

    Clean Ocean Action plans two beach sweeps this year in New Jersey, the first before the summer season on April 26 and the second after the summer season in October.