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Man Kills His Crack Dealer With Baseball Bat: Judge



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    A judge has determined that a northwestern Pennsylvania man was guilty of first-degree murder when he fatally beat his crack cocaine supplier with a baseball bat.

    Forty-nine-year-old Robert E. Quick had acknowledged killing 35-year-old Aderian Page Sr. on Feb. 22, but had argued he didn't mean to kill the man and was only trying to render Page unconscious during a disagreement.
    The Erie Times-News reports Erie County Judge John Garhart heard testimony to determine whether Quick would be convicted of a first-degree -- or premeditated -- murder, or third-degree, a reckless killing with malice.
    Garhart's questions during the mini-trial focused on the repeated blow to Page's head, while other parts of Page's body were struck only once.
    The judge returned the verdict Tuesday and will formally impose the mandatory life sentence in March.