Deadbeat Dad Lured With Movie Star Lie Is Forced to Pay Up

The man was arrested at the end of May after a bounty hunter lured him back to the state by telling him he was going to star in a movie with Jennifer Aniston

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    A man has been ordered to pay more than $32,000 in back child support after being lured back to Pennsylvania with the promise of a bogus role in a Jennifer Aniston movie.
    Joshua Garlathy pleaded guilty Tuesday to willful failure to pay child support more than a month after he was arrested after his flight from Hawaii landed in Philadelphia.

      Garlathy was arrested under a new law making it a crime to move out of state to avoid paying child support. He was lured back to Pennsylvania by a bounty hunter promising him a role in a fake movie.
    Garlathy was also sentenced to 90 days of probation. He says he hopes he can rebuild his relationship with his daughter.