Alleged AC Stabber's Bail Hearing Postponed

The woman accused of stabbing and killing two Canadian tourists was due in court Wednesday for a bail hearing.

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    Atlantic City PD
    Antoinette Pelzer, 44, is accused of stabbing and killing two Canadian tourists on an Atlantic City street.

    The woman accused of killing two Canadian tourists in Atlantic City was due in court for a bail hearing Wednesday, but that hearing was postponed at the last minute.

    The bail hearing for Antoinette Pelzer was postponed until September 12.

    Pelzer, a Philadelphia resident who has often been homeless, is currently being held on bail of $1.5 million.

    Police say she killed Po Lin Wan and her daughter Alice Mei See Leung, both from the Scarborough section of Toronto, with a 12-inch butcher knife during a mugging in May.

    It will be the second court appearance since Pelzer's arrest. In May, she laughed, frowned, grimaced and asked repeatedly where her lawyer was.

    The stabbing took place in the heart of Atlantic City's tourism district -- a place where security is emphasized.