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PECO Pays for Your Old Stuff

Prepare to get paid for those old fridges and AC units



    PECO is offering to pay $35 to haul away your old refrigerators and help the environment.

    Did you know that old fridges can use three times more electricity than new models and consume almost $150 in energy a year?

    PECO is offering to get those dusty old appliances off your hands through their Smart Appliance Recycling Program.

    Recycle Rewards

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    You give them an empty, clean, working refrigerator and they’ll give you $35. Throw in an old AC unit and get $25 more.

    The program kicked off in March and now has over 2,500 PECO customers signed up to receive pickups.

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    “The PECO Smart Appliance Recycling program is just one part of our full suite of programs to help customers understand how they use energy, save energy and, most importantly, save money,” Romulo L. Diaz, Jr. of PECO told Business Wire.

    Here are the conditions. You must be a PECO residential customer, your fridge has to be between 10 and 30 cubic feet and there must be a clear and accessible path for removal.

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    An additional bonus?

    Receive a $75 rebate if you decide to replace your fridge through the PECO Smart Home Rebates Program.

    Schedule a pick-up by calling 1.888.573.2672 or visit PECO Smart Ideas for more information on saving money in these energy draining summer months.