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Tina Fey Revives Sarah Palin Impression on Inside the Actors Studio--You Betcha It's Funny!



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    Before Tina Fey could reveal her favorite swear word or what she hopes God says to her when she arrives at the pearly gates, James Lipton had a special request.

    "Would you allow me to interview Sarah Palin, please?" the "Inside the Actors Studio" host asked during their sit-down for the Bravo series, hoping to draw out Fey's famed impression of the former governor of Alaska, whom she mined for comedic gold during the 2008 presidential election.

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    "We can try," Fey--still herself--agreed, taking a sip of water.

    Asked what the right term of address would be since she only served a partial term as governor, Fey-as-Palin replied with those familiar inflections, "Well, I'll tell ya, I don't know. I'm a half-governor, or you can call me a maverick-at-large."

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    Talking about her proclivity for hunting, she said, "Ya know, Jimmy, I believe that if everybody had guns, then there would be fewer guns in the stores."

    "I believe that if more people had guns there would be fewer people left on the street," Lipton countered.

    "Also good," Fey nodded.

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    Then Lipton pulled out the big guns, asking "the guv" about her view on same-sex marriage.

    Fey didn't miss a beat: "Well, the Bible says it's gross." Pause for laughter. "And I don't judge it. A lot of the amazing, wonderful people I met in the audience at Dancing With the Stars seem to go that way. But no."

    "Marriage is meant for people who wear differents kinds of swimsuits," she concluded.

    Watch the clip to see the advice Gov. Palin has for the "countless women" who look up to her for fashion and hairstyling advice--and how she makes her way in a "man's world."

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