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Domestic Violence Charges Dropped Against "127 Hours" Hiker

Assault charges against the "127 Hours" hiker dismissed, NBC affiliate KUSA-TV reported

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    Booking documents don't indicate if Ralston has an attorney. He's scheduled to appear in court Monday.

    Domestic violence charges against Aron Ralston, who gained widespread attention when he became trapped by a boulder while hiking in a Utah canyon and was forced to cut off his own arm to free himself, have been dismissed, according to reports by NBC affiliate KUSA-TV.

    Ralston and his girlfriend Vita Shannon accused one another of domestic violence during an incident Saturday night at Shannon's apartment near downtown Denver, KUSA-TV reported.

    The 38-year-old was booked into the Downtown Detention Center on Sunday on charges of assault and wrongs to minors. The latter charges stem from reports indicating the couple's fight occurred in front of their eight-week-old child, KUSA-TV reported.

    Ralston was hiking in 2003 when he became trapped by a boulder and cut off his own arm to escape. He went on to detail his struggles in a book, and his story was later adapted into the movie "127 Hours."

    Shannon and Ralston were booked and are scheduled to appear in court Monday.