Become a Forecaster! Weather Education Week Experiment #6

Learn how to read weather maps like Meteorologist Krystal Klei -- and then try your hand at forecasting!

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Watch Krystal Klei's video above about how to read weather maps. Then answer the questions below. The answers are at the bottom of this article -- no peeking!

  1. In the map above, what is happening across our area?

2. In the map above, which direction is the warm front moving?
Which direction is the cold front moving?
What is happening across our area?
What recently happened across our area?

3. In the map above, what is happening as the cold front moves through?
What are they experiencing at the Shore and what will they experience?

4. In the map above, what is happening across our area?


Check out Krystal's second set of maps to see if your answers were correct!

Forecast #1:

Forecast #2:

Forecast #3:

Forecast #4:

Did you try the experiment? We'd love to see a video! Parents, you can upload a video by clicking here. Make sure to include the names of the participants and your home town.

Or, if you are comfortable doing so, post your video on Instagram or Twitter with #WxEdWeek and tag @nbcphiladelphia.

And check back each day at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. for new experiments during Weather Education Week @ Home! See all our experiments and coverage here.

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