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Weekend Warm Up Is Here!

Area sees record highs Sunday



    Weekend Warm Up Is Here!
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    Weekend Warm Up Is Here!

    Records tied/broken today -

    • Philadelphia - 66
    • Allentown - 63 (tied)
    • Reading - 66
    • Trenton - 66
    • Mt. Pocono - 54 (tied)

    Saturday was an ugly looking day, wasn't it? Clouds and fog stayed with us for most of the day. But despite the cloud cover we still recorded an official high of 52 degrees. 

    Sure, it took all of Saturday to get there. Temperatures continued to climb through the overnight and that high was recorded at 11:59 p.m.

    That high was 11 degrees above average what is expected for this time of year. And even warmer Sunday.

    Most are waking up to temperatures near 60 degrees already. And the record race begins as temperatures will climb into the mid 60's this afternoon.

    Here is a list of records for this date.  All records were set back in 1982.

    • Philadelphia: 65
    • Allentown: 63
    • Reading: 64
    • Trenton: 65
    • Wilmington: 67

    Temperatures will still be above average Monday, but only in the upper 40's.  Colder by the middle of the week.