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$60K Buys You a Letter From Lincoln



    $60K Buys You a Letter From Lincoln
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    Want an authentic letter penned by "Honest Abe" himself? You can buy one in Philly for only $60k

    A letter President Abraham Lincoln wrote to a boy whose friends didn't believe he had met the commander in chief is being sold in Philadelphia.

    Lincoln sent the letter from the White House to 8-year-old George Patten two weeks after his March 1861 inauguration. The youngster had been mocked by classmates for saying he'd met the 16th president with his father, a journalist. His teacher wrote Lincoln to uncover the truth.

    Instead, the president wrote to the boy:

    "Whom it may concern,

    I did see and talk with master George Evans Patten, last May, at Springfield, Illinois.

    Respectfully, A Lincoln."

    The Raab Collection is offering the letter for $60,000. Vice President Nathan Raab says it's the only known surviving Lincoln letter written to a child.