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You Know You Want it -- the Ride

A ride and a pun, all in one.



    You Know You Want it -- the Ride
    Morey's Piers

    You like it. You love it. You want some more of it.

    Or so the people at Morey’s Surfside Pier in Wildwood, N.J., hope.

    Morey’s finally announced its new ride that will open in May. It combines a swimming motion up to 120 degrees with a rotating center around which up to 24 passengers face each other. But the coolest part: it comes from the Netherlands.

    My guess is they hope the vomit will spin out, away from the center, with a little help from centrifugal force.

    What’s more, the ride features a new harness system developed by ride engineers and Morey’s Piers’ team. Lap-bars replace the standard shoulder restraints, allowing riders to flail their arms to their adrenaline-junky delight.

    “What’s the ride’s name?” you ask. It’s it. The ride is called it. It is its name.

    While you guys are still trying to sort out the pun, I’m going down the shore. See you on it.