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Reclaim Your Inner Rebel

Being a slacker was never so handsomely rewarded



    Reclaim Your Inner Rebel
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    Would you rather be here or in a bar? We thought so.

    In college, you used to cut class more often than you went. Other than the occasional day off here and there to nurse the results of a spontaneous bout of Sunday night partying, you hardly ever slack off these days. No, you're a (semi-) responsible adult now, with obligations and important meetings. When did you get so boring?

    Reclaim your inner rebel and blow off your late-afternoon powwow with the boss. Triumph Brewery will reward you, handsomely, with $4 beers and half-price pizza at the bar. You'll get a head-start on Happy Hour and a coveted spot at the bar when the 5:00 folks start pouring in to take advantage of Triumph's usual Happy Hour specials ($3 beers, $4 wine, $5 mixed drinks and half-priced burgers and selected apps).

    Being bad feels good, doesn't it?