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See Some "Body"



    See Some "Body"
    The Franklin Institute
    The soccer player is just one of the bodies you can see during the Body Worlds 2 exhibit at The Franklin Institute

    As a follow-up to the 2005 Body Worlds exhibition, The Franklin Institute is inviting you to experience the human body again with Body Worlds 2 -- but this time around, the exhibit includes the brain.

    Check out the inner workings and complexity of human body and the brain as Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds 2 & The Brain presents an extensive collection of authentic human specimens, entire bodies in dramatic poses (like figure skating, skateboarding, dancing and so many more) -- all preserved by the process of Plastination. 

    The exhibit features the medical world's latest findings in neuroscience on brain function and development and disease.

    Body Worlds 2 & The Brain will be on display at The Franklin Institute through February 21. Ticket prices range from $13.75 for children to $27 for adults during the day.