• Donald Trump May 21, 2019

    Trump Expected to Name Ken Cuccinelli to Top Immigration Role

    Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is expected to be named President Donald Trump’s “immigration czar,” overseeing the administration’s immigration policies from the Department of Homeland Security, NBC News reported. A White House official didn’t clarify what Cuccinelli’s title or official job responsibilities would be, but the announcement could come within the week. Trump has been discussing appointing an “immigration...

  • Donald Trump May 16, 2019

    Trump to Unveil New Immigration Plan

    President Trump is set to unveil a sweeping new immigration proposal Thursday. The proposal, which outlines border wall completion in 33 areas, also mandates immigrants pass a civics test, which requires language skills and education levels, as well as a shift to a merit-based system, away from the current family-based approach.

  • Donald Trump Apr 23, 2019

    Supreme Court Justices Seem Ready to OK Asking Citizenship on Census

    The Supreme Court’s conservative majority seemed ready Tuesday to uphold the Trump administration’s plan to ask about citizenship on the 2020 census , despite evidence that millions of Hispanics and immigrants could go uncounted. There appeared to be a clear divide between the court’s liberal and conservative justices in arguments in a case that could affect how many seats states...

  • Donald Trump Apr 2, 2019

    Sources: Trump Considers Adding ‘Immigration Czar'

    As he threatens to shut down the southern border, President Donald Trump is considering bringing on a “border” or “immigration czar” to coordinate immigration policy across various federal agencies, according to four people familiar with the discussions. Trump is weighing at least two potential candidates for the post: former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and former Virginia Attorney General...

  • Donald Trump Nov 9, 2018

    Women's March: Record Number of Women Win in Midterms

    The elections that saw a surge of women running, especially Democratic women pushed forward by antipathy toward President Donald Trump, got off to a promising start for breaking barriers with the first result to be recorded: the territory of Guam chose Democrat Lou Leon Guerrero as its first female governor. By early Wednesday morning, the results for the U.S. House...

  • Donald Trump Nov 2, 2018

    Democrats and Republicans Rush to Avert Third Party Spoilers

    Two congresswomen running for U.S Senate in Arizona are crisscrossing the state, raising millions of dollars and trying to exploit every possible advantage to eke out a win in what both sides expect to be a photo-finish race. The wild card: Angela Green, a Green Party candidate who could win votes that might have gone to Democrat Krysten Sinema, clearing...

  • Donald Trump Oct 22, 2018

    For Governor Candidates Propelled by Trump in Primary, General Election Looms

    In a video advertisement for his Florida gubernatorial campaign, Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis urged his toddler-aged daughter to “build the wall” with colorful toy blocks. DeSantis, who faced off against an establishment Republican, had already gotten President Donald Trump’s endorsement the month before. DeSantis would go on to win his primary in a landslide, the race called within minutes of...

  • Donald Trump Sep 4, 2018

    Election Security Bill Backers Say Delay Helps Russia

    Just two months before the midterm elections, bipartisan legislation to try to prevent foreign hacking into U.S. election systems is stalled in Congress as the White House and some Republicans worry it could exert too much federal control over the states. Supporters of the bill say the delay could embolden Russia, which targeted election infrastructure in at least 21 states...

  • Donald Trump Aug 15, 2018

    Kansas Governor Concedes to Kobach in Tight GOP Primary

    Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer conceded Tuesday evening in the state’s Republican gubernatorial primary, saying he would endorse Secretary of State Kris Kobach a week after their neck-and-neck finish threatened to send the race to a recount. Colyer accepted defeat after a review of some provisional ballots from most Kansas counties failed to find enough votes for him to overcome a...

  • Donald Trump Aug 10, 2018

    Kansas Governor's Race Turns Nasty as Kobach's Lead Dwindles

    Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said Thursday that he will remove himself from the further counting of votes while his Republican primary battle with Gov. Jeff Colyer hangs in the balance, describing it as a “symbolic” step in response to a public demand from Colyer. The governor publicly accused Kobach, the state’s top elections official, of giving county election...

  • Donald Trump Aug 9, 2018

    Kansas Democrats Smell Opening in Close GOP Governor's Race

    Out-of-power Kansas Democrats smelled opportunity Wednesday in the tight, unsettled GOP primary race for governor between Gov. Jeff Colyer and Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a close political ally of President Donald Trump and a conservative lightning rod who alienates even some Republicans.

  • Donald Trump Aug 4, 2018

    Trump Commission Didn't Find Widespread Voter Fraud, Documents Show

    The now-disbanded voting integrity commission launched by the Trump administration to investigate the 2016 presidential election uncovered no evidence to support the president’s claims of widespread voter fraud, according to an analysis of administration documents released. In a letter to Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who are both Republicans and led the commission, Maine...

  • Donald Trump May 30, 2018

    Trump Transition Hires Hardline Anti-Immigration Advocates

    President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team includes some of the most conservative opponents to illegal immigration, NBC News reported. Kris Kobach, Kansas’ secretary of state, who is a champion of tough anti-illegal immigration laws and ideas, has been hired as part of the team. According to a document obtained by The New York Times, Danielle Cutrona is leading the “Immigration Reform...

  • United States Apr 19, 2018

    Kansas Secretary of State Found in Contempt in Voting Case

    A federal judge says Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach violated her order that some voters were eligible to cast a ballot while a lawsuit challenging a state law requiring proof of U.S. citizenship worked its way through the courts. U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson found Kobach in contempt of court Wednesday. She didn’t impose a fine but ordered Kobach...

  • Donald Trump Mar 6, 2018

    Trial Begins in Challenge to Kansas Voter Citizenship Law

    Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach defended his state’s voter registration law Tuesday in federal court, claiming the measure he championed has prevented between 1,000 and 18,000 noncitizens from casting ballots. During opening statements in a federal lawsuit challenging his authority to implement the requirements, Kobach said one of his experts will testify that the higher end of that range...

  • Donald Trump Nov 9, 2017

    Maine's Secretary of State Sues Trump's Voter Fraud Commission

    Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission, accusing its leadership of intentionally excluding him from deliberations and violating federal transparency laws.

  • Donald Trump Jul 31, 2017

    Trump Vote Fraud Commission Could Not Be More Divided

    The members of President Donald Trump’s bipartisan vote fraud commission appear to differ in the issues they believe the group should focus on, according to NBC News. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the commission’s vice chairman, said the group needs to investigate claims of widespread voter fraud. Others on the panel, which includes seven Republicans and five Democrats, argue...

  • Donald Trump Jul 19, 2017

    Democrats Call on Trump Vote Fraud Panel Co-Chair to Step Down

    House Democrats criticized President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission on Tuesday and demanded that co-chair Kris Kobach step down ahead of the commission’s first public meeting on Wednesday, according to NBC News. Fifteen Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee, as well as state election officials, privacy and civil rights advocates, voiced concerns at a voting rights forum about the...

  • United States Jul 9, 2017

    Public Voter Info for Election Fraud Panel Chairs Pence, Kobach

    Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State of Kansas Kris Kobach were named co-chairs of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, a Trump panel created to investigate alleged voter fraud, NBC News reported. The commission ignited a bipartisan firestorm over the past week after Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state, penned a letter asking states to hand over...

  • Donald Trump Jul 6, 2017

    45 States Refuse to Give Voter Data to Trump Panel

    Forty-five states and the District of Columbia have either fully or partially declined to provide data requested by President Donald Trump’s commission on vote fraud, NBC News reported. Both Democrats and Republicans have expressed outrage at the Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity’s request for personal information about voters. Privacy concerns and claims that the commission is politically motivated are...

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