• South Florida 11 hours ago

    This Florida Interpreter Helps Blind People Experience Live Sports

    Cesar Daza, through his boards and his hands, interprets sports for those who can no longer see or hear.

  • Donald Trump Nov 29, 2019

    Schools Teach Refugee, Migrant Kids Skills to Succeed in US

    International flags flutter from the ceilings of the outdoor hallways at Valencia Newcomer School, where more than 200 children from around the world are learning English skills and American classroom customs they need to succeed. When the school year begins, the refugee and immigrant children often don’t know the rules. A kid might be fascinated with a light switch they...

  • food Jul 16, 2019

    African Man Escaped a Massacre, But Death Followed

    When an armed conflict erupted in his village in Congo, Blaise Matshieba Nduluyele fled from the carnage. Hundreds of people, including some of his relatives, were slaughtered. Death remained close as his family undertook a grueling journey starting in South America and extending through eight countries to safety in the United States. They slept along roads or in the jungle....

  • head Jun 23, 2019

    US Census Bureau Using Aerial Tech to Help With 2020 Count

    The U.S. Census Bureau is using new high-tech tools to help get an accurate population count next year as its faces challenges tallying people of color who live in remote places and can be wary of the federal government. The agency is using aerial images of rural communities and hard-to-reach areas to verify addresses and determine where to send workers...

  • director Jun 16, 2019

    'Romeo and Juliet' Director Franco Zeffirelli Dies at 96

    Italian director Franco Zeffirelli, who delighted audiences around the world with his romantic vision and extravagant productions, most famously captured in his cinematic “Romeo and Juliet” and the miniseries “Jesus of Nazareth,” died Saturday at 96. While Zeffirelli was most popularly known for his films, his name was also inextricably linked to the theater and opera. He produced classics for...

  • Donald Trump Jun 11, 2019

    Tariff Deal Gives Momentum to ‘Remain-in-Mexico' Policy

    In a cramped San Diego courtroom, immigrant mothers cradled restless babies and toddlers as they waited to go before a judge. After a quick exchange, they were whisked back to Mexico where they face months, or possibly years, before their cases play out in the U.S. Hundreds of miles away, a judge in El Paso, Texas, noticed that an infant...

  • energy Jun 11, 2019

    Tokyo Olympics Next Year: Faster, Stronger, But Not Higher

    Cannabis has been legalized in some parts of the world, but the Tokyo Olympics’ chief executive reminded potential visitors to the games that the substance is against the law in Japan.

  • Donald Trump Jun 1, 2019

    For Asylum Seekers, Due Process Is Hard to Find

    Flora boarded a red-eye flight from San Francisco to Atlanta earlier this month to attend a hearing that her attorney feared would be futile for both her and the U.S. government. Flora, a 19-year-old Mayan Mam woman who struggles to walk because of a disability she and her attorney said was caused by persecution in Guatemala, flew more than 2,000...

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Apr 30, 2019

    Delco Man to Run in 40th Straight Broad Street Run

    We are just 5-days away from the Blue Cross Broad Street Run. And for one Delaware County man, it will be his 40th straight race down Broad. Joe Farrell is one of only four people who has never missed a year. But NBC10’s Erin Coleman explains how he stands out for an entirely different reason.

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Apr 17, 2019

    NJ Students Toured Cathedral Moments Before Fire

    A day after Notre Dame Cathedral burned on Monday, Pei-Sze Cheng is in Paris, where she met a group of New Jersey students who left the cathedral just before the fire started.

  • Donald Trump Mar 22, 2019

    White House Rejects Request for Trump, Putin Communications

    The White House on Thursday rejected a Democratic request for information on private conversations between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, including an interview with an interpreter who sat in on their one-on-one meeting in Helsinki last summer. In a letter earlier this month, the House intelligence, foreign affairs and oversight committees asked for the substance of Trump...

  • Associated Press Dec 24, 2018

    Body of Girl Who Died at US Border Returns to Guatemala

    The body of a 7-year-old girl who died while in custody of the U.S. Border Patrol arrived in her native Guatemala on Sunday and was being driven hours into the countryside to be handed over to family members for a last goodbye. A white coffin containing Jakelin Caal was received in the afternoon at Guatemala City’s international airport by representatives...

  • Associated Press Dec 18, 2018

    Girl's Death Shows Communication Issues on US-Mexico Border

    Shortly before a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl died in U.S. custody, her father signed a form stating that his daughter was in good health. But it’s unclear how much the man understood on the form, which was written in English and read to him in Spanish by Border Patrol agents. The death of Jakelin Caal highlights the communication challenges along the...

  • The Associated Press Dec 14, 2018

    Nancy Wilson, Grammy Winning Jazz Singer, Dies at 81

    Nancy Wilson, the Grammy-winning “song stylist” and torch singer whose polished pop-jazz vocals made her a platinum artist and top concert performer, has died.

  • United States Nov 27, 2018

    US Nixed FBI Checks on Staff at Migrant Teen Detention Camp

    The Trump administration has put the safety of thousands of teens at a migrant detention camp at risk by waiving FBI fingerprint checks for their caregivers and short-staffing mental health workers, according to an Associated Press investigation and a new federal watchdog report. None of the 2,100 staffers at a tent city holding more than 2,300 teens in the remote...

  • head Oct 30, 2018

    Holocaust Survivor Faces Evil, Cheats Death for Second Time

    Sitting in the handicapped lane outside Tree of Life synagogue, Judah Samet watched as a plainclothes officer traded gunfire with the man at the temple door. He was caught in a crossfire and, yet, instead of ducking down, he craned his neck to get a glimpse of the gunman. “The guy was very focused,” he said, pointing his finger like...

  • actress Sep 10, 2018

    Emmy 2018 Predictions: Who Will Take Home the Coveted Awards This Year

    So is it “Game of Thrones” (with a leading 22 nods, but the majority technical ones) or “The Handmaid’s Tale” for best drama? Will Donald Glover repeat as best comedy actor for “Atlanta” or could Bill Hader of freshman “Barry” be an upset winner?

  • Donald Trump Jul 20, 2018

    What Did Trump and Putin Talk About? Only They Know

    Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin may have reached several historic agreements at their summit in Finland this week. Or, they may not have. It depends on who you talk to. Three days later no one was quite sure. With no details emerging from the leaders’ one-on-one discussion on Monday — other than the vague outline they offered themselves — officials,...

  • Donald Trump Jul 20, 2018

    Translators Stay in Shadows, But Dems Want Trump's to Emerge

    After a week of erraticism by President Donald Trump about what really went on in his private meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, history could use a fly on the wall. There were two — their interpreters. And some Democrats want Trump’s to talk. One translator’s reaction: What’s Russian for fuhgeddaboudit? Diplomatic interpreters speak when they’re spoken at, and that’s about...

  • Donald Trump Jul 19, 2018

    Maria Butina: From Siberian Gun Lover to Allegedly Infiltrating the NRA, GOP

    By her early 20s, Maria Butina appeared to have a budding political career and a mini furniture empire in her remote Siberian hometown. Then she abandoned both to pursue her passion for gun rights — and, prosecutors say, to act as an unregistered foreign agent in the United States. Butina, 29, pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Washington to charges she...

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