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Tech-Less for 10 Days: Hillary's Blog

Hillary is one of five teens who agreed to ditch all things digital for ten days.



    Tech-Less for 10 Days: Hillary's Blog
    William Tennett High School
    Hillary Gack
    17-year old senior from William Tennent H.S.
    Hillary likes to dance, shop, run and text.
    She is a member of the Spanish Club and is a Homecoming Queen candidate.

    A few weeks ago, Mrs. Fisher came up to me and the other four video independent study kids during class to introduce us to this “No Tech” project. As she described how it was all going to go down all I kept thinking was, “Oh my God. My social life is going down the drain during these 10 days.” What I didn’t know was all that I could accomplish over the 10 days without my cell phone and computer. I did a lot more than I ever thought I would.

    On the first day without any technology, I played wiffle ball outside with my boyfriend. Normally, I’m the type of person to just sit outside, not actually run around and play. That was definitely different for me. I even did my homework outside. Not only was being outside different for me but doing me homework was different for me also! If I had my computer, I defiantly would not have been outside. I would have been sitting at the computer for at least five hours, doing absolutely nothing.

    Not only did I get fresh air but, I also cleaned my room. Anyone who really knows me knows that I always have a really messy room. The dresser is also cluttered with random stuff and clothes are just thrown on the floor. Without the distractions of a cell phone or computer I got a lot of cleaning done in my room. Now, it still isn’t perfect, but it is A LOT better than it was. It still would look like a bomb hit it if I still had my phone because if my phone started ringing I would have stopped whatever I was doing to answer in. I wouldn’t have gotten anything accomplished.

    Getting a reasonable amount of work done in class was also kind of a problem for me. When the teacher would give the class something to do, I would just sit there and text or ask to go on the computer and do everything but the actual work that was given to me. Because I didn’t have my phone to text or the computer to surf the web, my only choice left was to actually do my work. So I did. SHOCKER! That brought up my grades a little bit which made me as well as my mom happy. And if anyone knows my mom, when she’s happy, everybody is happy.

    Since I got my phone back last Friday, a lot has changed and a lot has just gone back to the way it was. I’m still actually doing work in class, so that’s a plus. But, I’m letting my room get messy again. I’m a really big procrastinator so I keep saying, “I’ll clean it in like 5 minutes.” (That never happens, FYI) My procrastination isn’t as bad as it once was but it still is affecting me again. I’m also still hanging outside which is another plus. I feel like I’m actually getting some color to my skin which doesn’t happen so easily considering the fact that I’m a redhead!

    When I got my phone and computer privileges back, I was the happiest person in the world. Not only because I had my social life back, but because I just thought about how this experience changed my way of life. Everybody has been asking me if I would do it again. My answer to that would be a simple…no. It was an amazing experience but 10 days is my limit. There is way too much going on in the world that requires technology that living without it for any longer would come somewhat impossible. But, I would recommend anyone who is up to it to at least try it for a couple days. You will learn so much about yourself and even those around you.

    Hillary is one of five teens from William Tennett High School who agreed to ditch all their technology for ten days and let the NBC10 Investigative team document their tech-less adventure.