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One Year of Firsts: No Film For You

Day 45



    To change one's life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions. ~William James

    Who would think you need to reserve tickets to the Israeli Film Festival?? Not I and not my friend Karen Araiza. This is us, thinking we still might get into the showing of Eyes Wide Open at the Bryn Mawr Theater tonight.

    I've never been to any film festival. It sounded like a good first with little risk. Ha.  Look at this crowd. Apparently they ALL bought their tickets in advance! All I knew was it was some kind of love story in Hebrew with English subtitles. Sold out?? Really?? There are that many Israeli Film Festival fans???

    We actually thought about crashing a film discussion group going on after we were told there were no more tickets.

     But Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges was playing at the same theater. We already bought our popcorn. We were committed to seeing something.

    Great movie, by the way.  Of course both movies let out at exactly the same time, so I just had to ask someone who did get into the festival, "What did we miss?"

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