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One Year of Firsts: Dance at an Irish Hooley

Day 65



    When Irish eyes are smiling, tis like a morn in spring. with a lilt of Irish laughter You can hear the angels sing. ~Author Unknown

    Oh my gosh! What joy!  I had the best time dancing with the South Jersey Irish Society.  Check it out. I'm in the grey shirt and jeans.

    I'd never been to an Irish Hooley. You can see the dances are kind of like square dancing.  At one point I was spinning around,  hair  flying, dancing around the room, breathless, laughing.  So much fun.

    John and Jaqueline Kelly invited me to the monthly gathering in Palmyra at the Knights of Columbus hall.  Everyone happily showed me the steps. When I got lost they just would swing me around. The live music was wonderful.

    Today was a marathon crazy day at work.  Going to the Hooley was like shaking it all away and  saying " let the weekend begin." What a great first.

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