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NBC10's Get a Job Seminar: Interviewing Tips



    We want to again say "thank you!" to everyone who took part in our sixth "NBC10 Get a Job" event here at the NBC10 studios in May. You know I'm on a mission and I'm not going to stop -- I want to help everyone who needs a job, get a job!

    Hundreds of you have attended our monthly "NBC10 Get a Job" events -- Free -- and we'll continue to work with Kane and Partners to help you find work.

    For those of you who couldn't make it out to our session on Interviewing -- here are the tips from Kristin Kane's presentation.

    Interview Tips
    The Interview focus should successfully articulate the following points:

    Get a Job: Ace the Interview

    [PHI] Get a Job: Ace the Interview
    In our latest Get a Job event, we helped people learn best practices for the interview. We also profile a man who landed a job after we shared his story.
    (Published Wednesday, June 2, 2010)

    • First Impression
    • Qualification/Skills/Experience
    • Holding an Open/Casual Conversation
    • Your prepared questions

    Tips for Preparing Answers:

    Prepare your responses for objections, read Job Description

    • Lack of Experience
    • Lack of Education
    • Different/Similar skill set
    • Long commute?
    • Step down/up in career?

    Examples of:

    • Strengths
    • Work Ethic
    • Overcoming Challenges/Obstacles
    • Your Typical day
    • Accomplishments

    Tell me about yourself in 30 to 60 seconds

    Tell me about your career path in 60 seconds

    "5 Steps to Prepare for an Interview"

     1.    Set up the Interview

     2.    Research the company

     3.    Research the job

     4.    Verbal practice

     5.    Readiness & questions



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    Career Guidance Center – Marc S. Jacobs
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