The Bone Doggle 2011

PHI bone doggle group shot
Jamie Robinson

What inspires a group of grown men from the Main Line to go off on a hunt for dinosaurs?

"The idea of going on a Dinosaur hunt occurred to me rather randomly," writes team leader Jamie Robinson in his blog, The Bone Doggle 2011, where he explains how the idea went from random to reality.

"I cast a rather wide net in recruiting our All-Star Team of middle age underachievers for Bone Doggle 2011," writes Robinson. "The majority of people I approached reacted as if I am crazy or silly or goofy, hmmm. I did find 5 very special men who yearn for adventure, new experiences, and each has a different reason for going but a common goal -- finding the "BIG ONE."

You can follow the group's dig for dinosaurs in Montana. They claim to have already found bones, and from the looks of their "Come to papa" picture on Twitter, this could be one funny hunt.

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