Couple Seeks Sponsorship for Their Wedding

Matt pops the big question, then pops an even bigger proposal to his love

After seven years together, Matt Fish finally popped the question to his high school sweetheart, Tara Deurr.

The moment was perfect -- in New York's Central Park, Matt got down on one knee.

“I was so shocked,” Tara told NBCPhiladelphia. “I wouldn't even let him get out what he wanted to say. All I heard was, ‘will you marry me?’”

But once they were engaged, he had a second proposal for his future bride. And again, Tara said yes.

Matt, an Aldan, Pa. 20-something, knew that he and his sweetheart didn’t have the dough to fork over for a traditional wedding. So he brought up the idea of getting their wedding sponsored by businesses in exchange for promotion on the couple’s wedding website and at the big event.

“We've had a lot of people react a lot of different ways, even family and friends,” Matt said. “Some are very supportive. Others think it’s a crazy idea.”

That possibly “crazy” idea has already landed them a few sponsors and their idea to give back could draw even more corporate love.

In lieu of a wedding present they are asking guests to bring a gift to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia.

“The most exciting part was when we called and told them.”

Ronald McDonald House even gave the couple a wish list of goodies that Matt and Tara have added to their website.

Well it looks like the couple’s on their way to a wedding of their dreams. But one question begs to be asked…

When is the big day?

That is still up in the air. They are hoping to find a venue that can appreciate their predicament and maybe hook them up.

At least the place would get some web advertising for their freebie.

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