In a Wholesome Internet Moment, Twitter Users Are Sharing Early Career Horror Stories After HBO Max Intern's Big Email Error

After the company tweeted about the mistake, users recalled their own setbacks in support of the unnamed intern

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From nearly preventing then-Vice President George H. W. Bush from entering a cabinet meeting to taking down Spotify worldwide, interns sometimes make mistakes. And while the jokes pile up, a recent tweet from HBO Max has inspired more inspirational messages than disdain. 

After the account tweeted they were helping the intern who “mistakenly sent out an empty test email” to part of their mailing list, users shared their own early career horror stories. 

A former Spotify intern said they almost brought the streaming service down twice and are still with the company. “You managed to find something broken in the way integration tests are done,” they tweeted in a message for the intern. “It’s a good thing and will help improve things.” 

And the White House intern who didn’t recognize Vice President Bush said Bush was “as gracious as HBO Max Help appears to be.” 

Similarly, one intern in their college’s Vice President’s office hung up twice on the president of the university in their first week. Another intern accidentally leaked the schedule of one of the largest gaming conventions in the country. One user nearly took the United Kingdom’s website offline

Another user detailed the time they sent a sex hotline number as a conference call for the Women’s National Democratic Club. 

Even Oscar Meyer joined the conversation, with the account tweeting they once forgot where they parked the iconic Wienermobile. 

While National Intern Day isn’t for another month, these Twitter users certainly tried to comfort whichever HBO Max intern sent those emails.

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