The Schuylkill Could Ruin Your Day — Again

Post-storm cleanup means traffic mess

Expect headaches on the Schuylkill for the next few days. Post-storm cleanup crews are taking it down to one lane only near the Conshohocken curve – eastbound – Tuesday through Thursday of this week.

The lane closure happens from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday's torrential rain sent a wall of mud and muck onto the highway, shutting it down for most of the day. Now crews have to finish getting all that mud off the shoulder of the road.

The eastbound right land will be shut off. PennDOT's alternate routes: Use I-476 or Route 23.  Our advice -- avoid the Schuylkill at all costs or take your anti-road rage meds before you head out.

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