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PATCO Riders Now Must Wear Masks as Transit Agency Looks to Slow COVID-19

PATCO riders could be asked to leaves trains or stations if they don't wear facial coverings

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If you are riding PATCO be sure to wear your mask as the transit agency connecting Philadelphia to South Jersey looks to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus and be compliant with states' orders.

The Port Authority Transit Corporation started to require face covering of noses and mouths for all riders in stations, on platforms and on trains at 7 a.m. Friday morning. Customers were previously encouraged to mask up, but now are being required to do so.

“In addition to the face coverings, physical distancing should still continue to be practiced when traveling PATCO,” the agency said in a news release.

People who don’t comply with PATCO’s mask mandate could be asked to leave stations and potentially face fines or other penalties, the agency said.

The face covering requirement match mandates from Pennsylvania and New Jersey that people in public should be masked. Children under 2 and people with medical conditions that prevent them from wearing a mask are exempt, PATCO said.

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