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Comcast is Xfinity



    Comcast is Xfinity
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    Comcast, the nation's largest cable and Internet provider, announced Wednesday that it will drop the Comcast name from its products and roll out a re-branded lineup called XFinity.

    "Simply put, Xfinity is about offering our customers more -- more HD, more speed, more choice and more control over their services," said Executive Vice President of Operations, David Watson, in his blog Wednesday.

    Comcast will still be the name of the corporation, which is set to become the parent company of NBC10 and NBC Universal. But when you get billed for different services, they'll be referred to as Xfinity. All of Comcast's service vehicles will change to Xfinity and so will employee uniforms, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    And Comcast is distancing itself from the word cable all together.

    The new XFinity television service won't be called XFinity Cable, but rather XFinity TV -- putting Comcast on a more even playing field in terms of marketing with other service providers like satellite and FiOS.

    CEO Brian Roberts announced the rebranding campaign alongside an earnings and subscriber update.

    The company earned nearly $1 billion in the fourth-quarter more than doubling earnings from a year prior. It also added 290,000 new customers and gained 410,000 additional digital video packages.

    Ads touting the new name will roll out during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in select markets and later expand nationwide.