Young Phillies Fan Robs Phils in Minny

Steve Bartman is infamous for doing what any fan would do and trying to catch a foul ball jinxing and ruining the Cubs playoff run in 2003. Any time a fan interferes with a potentially catchable ball for his team, he has "Bartman'd" someone. (Not to be confused with telling someone to eat your shorts.)

Such an incident occurred with the Phillies on Tuesday, when a young fan out-fielded Mike Fontenot for a foul ball by Ben Revere. Except unlike most incidents, this one happened at an away game. Watch below, courtesy of

After this play occurred, Revere went on to hit an RBI single that gave the Twins an 11-7 lead, which eventually held up for them in their victory over the Phillies.

"I owe that little kid dinner," Revere said, laughing, via Big League Stew. "He helped me out a little bit there."

The young fan certainly did, but any outrage from Phillies fans over this young fella is absolutely misplaced and entirely unnecessary.

There are a couple reasons for this. For one, if the Phillies can't hold the Twins to less than double-digit runs, do they really deserve to win? (That's a rhetorical question.)

Secondly, this was in Minnesota, which means that this is a Phillies fan who's probably been looking forward to this trip since the start of the baseball season. It is, most likely, his freaking dream to catch a baseball at a Phillies game. He doesn't get many chances to do it, and he shouldn't be penalized just because it was Revere's ball that he snagged.

And finally, how about you D up, Fontenot? Just because the kid is taller than you and the ball is in the stands doesn't mean you can't make a play.

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