Yet Another Indication Bryce Harper Is Signing Tomorrow! (Now Today)

Fitting the theme of our parody video yesterday ... there was yet another indication Thursday that Bryce Harper's decision could be coming tomorrow!

"Tomorrow," of course, now means today, Friday, Feb. 15. We're not holding our breath.

Chris Russell, a radio host in D.C. at 106.7 The Fan who was among the first to report news of Harper's meeting with another team (the Giants) two weeks ago, said on Thursday evening that he thought a Harper decision would be coming within 24 hours. He added that he doesn't think it would be the Nationals.

"I know that he wanted to get this done by Valentine's Day," Russell said.

Of course, less than 48 hours before, Russell said this on 910 The Fan in Richmond:

"If the Nationals are willing to go seven or eight years, maybe with an opt-out after three or four, then I think Bryce would lean toward that and staying with the known while also retaining some leverage."

In describing the Harper-Nationals situation, Russell pointed out the strong business relationship Harper's agent, Scott Boras, has with the Lerner family, the majority owners of the Nats.

Boras represents Stephen Strasburg and Max Scherzer, who each reached deals of at least $175 million with Washington. Boras also represents Anthony Rendon, Jeremy Hellickson, Trevor Rosenthal, Michael A. Taylor and Matt Wieters, who signed a two-year, $21 million deal with Washington before 2017.

Maybe something happens today with Harper. Maybe it doesn't. Maybe it's the Nationals. Maybe it's not.

Isn't this fun?! (Bangs head against wall.)

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