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WATCH: Miami Dolphins Block Own Kick With ‘Butt Punt' Vs. Buffalo Bills

In the fourth quarter, Thomas Morestead punted the ball right into the back of his teammate

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Football is a remarkably physical sport requiring players to utilize every part of their bodies.

In the Buffalo Bills-Miami Dolphins showdown on Sunday, Miami's WR Trent Sherfield took that quite literally, using his bottom to inadvertently block a punt by teammate Thomas Morstead. 

The ridiculous incident with 1:35 left in the game caused the ball to go out the rear of the endzone, giving the Bills two points on a safety.

In 14 years, Morestead has only had two blocked punts, with the first one coming in 2011 while he was playing for the New Orleans Saints.

The Dolphins (3-0) went on to hand the Buffalo Bills (2-1) their first loss of the season 21-19.

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