Vick Gets Fed Up With Health Questions

Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick is tired of all the criticism.

Michael Vick might be elusive on the field but he was not able to slide pass questions regarding his style of play and his health during a recent radio interview with SportsRadio 94WIP.

On Friday, Vick responded to questions regarding something he said during that WIP interview that evoked some emotion from the Eagles quarterback.

“I don’t let criticism get to me. I rarely hear it,” he told Delaware Online. “But when I’m talking in a conversation, then I’m hearing it, so I’m going to talk about it and keep it as real as I can and as realistic as I can.”

The four-time Pro Bowler has not played a full season since 2006 and when asked by one of the radio hosts about whether he would throw the ball away to avoid taking hits, Vick sharply responded by saying:

“You say not get hit as much? I mean how can I play the game and not get hit as much? I mean, really, for me to answer that question, you really need to play the game of football."

On Friday he expanded on the comment, still not really answering the concern that he could be injury prone. Per

“I really don’t think I need to discuss what type of game I’m gonna play,” Vick said on Friday, the final day of the Eagles’ second OTA. “It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be. It seems like the questions are becoming repetitive and I’m tired of answering them because the only thing we can do is wait and see if I’m gonna play more disciplined in games.”

Vick went on to say that he plans to play a more “disciplined” game that will help lessen the hits that has caused him to miss three games in each of the last two seasons.

On Friday Vick also began to talk about dealing with the criticism involved with being an NFL quarterback.

Per Delaware Online:

“I understand. It’s tough. I understand you’ve got to have thick skin. I understand that. You’ve got to accept responsibility, even in times when it may not be called for. But that’s what we signed up for and that’s why we get paid to do what we do.”

Michael Vick and the Eagles will officially begin training camp on Sunday, July 22.  

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