Who Do You Want, Vick or Tebow?

Quick question -- would you rather have as your team's QB, Tim Tebow or Michael Vick?

The stats and experience say Vick. The Eagles QB has a career 80.1 passer rating, has thrown for 16,802 passing yards and has rushed for a QB-record 5,265 yards compared to Tebow’s career 79.8 passer rating, 1,363 passing yards and 615 rushing yards (note in far fewer games).


The most important number puts Tebow -- the Broncos unconventional option passer -- ahead of Vick.

It’s wins!

In just five starts this season Tebow -- despite completing just two passes in one game -- is 4-1. Vick on the other hand is 3-6 with the Birds this season.

That's right this season the starting QB of the "Dream Team" has fewer wins than the Triple-Option Broncos QB.

As a starter, Vick is 49-37-1 (56.3 winning percentage) while Tebow is 5-3 (62.5 winning percentage) in his few NFL starts.

Tebow just finds ways to win recently while Vick and his Eagles team keep finding ways to lose.

I still think the bubble will soon burst on Tebow. He lacks the apparent natural skills to be an NFL QB but you could arguably say Vick isn’t the complete package either.

Maybe I’ll be proved wrong someday but I don’t think we will ever see Tebow lifting the Lombardi Trophy as a QB -- an H-back or tight end, maybe but never a signal caller.

I think it’s hard to imagine Tebowing as a better QB attack than MV7 but when it comes to winning Tebow (who has a National Championship under his QBing belt) seems to have what it takes while Vick doesn’t.

The time’s yours.

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