Vick Gets 1st Post-Prison Commercial Endorsement

You may hate Michael Vick, but a lot of Americans seem more than ready to embrace the disgraced QB once more. The Eagles-Cowboys game generated record ratings on Sunday Night, and NBC decided to flex the Eagles back into primetime against next week against a dead-in-the-water Vikings squad. You can credit virtually all of that to Vick’s mesmerizing antics on the field.

And now, here comes the crown jewel, a real live commercial with Vick in it. And not just any commercial. A CAR DEALER commercial. Because if there’s any group of people that Americans take their ethical cues from, it’s car dealers. Michael McCarthy of USA Today reports on Vick’s new ad for Woodbury Nissan:

(owner Tom) McMenamin was "hesitant" at first that dog and animal lovers would go ballistic over using Vick. But the response from customers has been positive. "They love it. They love the spot," he says.

See if you agree:

Vick was paid with a new Nissan Armada, and that appears to encompass the entire budget for this particular spot. And while a local car dealer commercial seems like small potatoes, I assure you this will not be the last advertiser to decide Vick is worth embracing once more. Just don’t expect Purina to come knocking.

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