Top 10 Things Found in Coach Reid's Playoff Beard

The Eagles playoff beard might not be the biggest fashion accoutrement of the season but the Grizzly Adams look is certainly causing a stir in the City of Brotherly Love.

No facial hair has been more talked about (or more prominently on display) than Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid's salt and paprika whiskers.

Here are the top 10 things Andy Reid has found in his playoff beard during the Birds current run towards Tampa.

10. Another couple plays for his play chart

9. A bit of yesterday's lunch

8. Quarterback sneaks

7. Your time -- "the time is yours"

6. Plane tickets to Arizona

5. Donovan McNabb's phone message

4. Some Eagles green -- or was that a bit of turf left over from the Vet?

3. Visible emotional outbursts

2. A running game

1. A Super Bowl championship trophy?

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