Things Get Fun Between LeBron James & Sixers on Social Media

All of the speculation regarding LeBron James potentially joining the Sixers in the offseason made Thursday night's Sixers-Cavaliers matchup particularly intriguing.

How would James act on the court? How would the Sixers react to a guy they likely want to team up with next season?

Apparently, things are all good. Very good in fact.

Joel Embiid shared a few laughs with James during the Sixers' 108-97 win and players on both sides showed genuine respect for each other despite the contest coming down to the wire (see observations). Well, until that little incident between Dario Saric and Jordan Clarkson in the final seconds (Saric later apologized).

Those good vibes extended to social media after the final buzzer.

Embiid got things started with a picture and a particularly interesting hashtag.

Although the big man later tried to walk back his intentions a little bit on Twitter.

"King James" got in on the lovefest with a touching Instagram post about his protege Ben Simmons.

Simmons was clearly touched and responded to James.

"Appreciate what you've done for the game, nothing but respect for you bro," Simmons commented.

We're not sure if this has anything to do with James possibly coming to Philadelphia or the players are all just having some fun at our expense. Either way, it's fun to talk about.

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