The Picks: Cowboys at Eagles

It’s that time of week. Time to man up and make your pick for this week’s game. Get it right, and you'll be hand-selected to smoke a pack of Camel Lights in the next Herman Cain campaign ad. Here we go:

Peter King: Eagles 26, Cowboys 24. “I think regardless of how it goes down, Murray will have some gashings of the Eagles Sunday night." Gotta love those gashings.

Nine of Ten ESPN Experts: Eagles. Wow, way to go out on a limb, gentlemen. I'm blown away by your daring. It just makes you think: If every ESPN analyst thinks the same way (and they do, I assure you), do we really need them all? Can't we coalesce them into a single idiot named Markikeric Schlerorskitonioberg? I say yes.

Yahoo! Users: Eagles. (no score)

Mike Silver: Eagles. (no score)

Pete Prisco (CBS): Cowboys. (no score)

AJ Daulerio: Eagles.

Index Card I Threw Up In The Air With The Name Of Each Team On Either Side, Seeing Which Team Would Land Face Up: Eagles (Card Record: 3-3)

The Wife: Cowboys

Me: This seems like a good time to issue a contrarian alert and pick the Cowboys. After all, the Eagles didn't look THAT good in beating the Redskins two weeks ago, and I'm not convinced that they were able to fix every defensive problem they had during the bye week. Juan Castillo is still there, yes? He is? See, that's a problem. These games are impossible to pick because it usually comes down to who screws up the most: Tony Romo, or Andy Reid. This is just the kind of big primetime game where both men decide to open up their carotid arteries for all the world to see. How can you possibly decide who will be dumber? THEY'RE BOTH SO GOOD AT BEING DUMB. I dunno. I'll let the home field swing it. Romo throws eight picks in the final 50 seconds. Eagles barely hold on. EAGLES 24, COWBOYS 23 (2011 picks: 4-2)

Yours in the comments.

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